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I’d love to make a custom clock for you. Contact me using the Contact section and I’ll be see what I can do. Depending on how detailed you want the clock, I’ll charge around 4 to 5 USD.

Work With Me

If you like what I’m doing and you are also a Fitbit Dev, go ahead and send me a message using the contact section and I’d love to make a clock face with you.

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Go ahead and follow me if you like what I’m doing! I post every time I submit a new clock so be subscribe for early access!

About Me

Hi ya’ll, my name is Turkey, but you can call me Turkey. I’m from Virginia which I like to insist is definitely in the South. It is! Just… on the border and more Northern cultured than the South but it still is!

I ordered my Versa 2 only recently but I poked around the development studio and fell in love immediately.

After releasing four clocks (which have yet to be published publicly), I decided its about time that I create a website to help ya’ll out if you like my clocks too!

If you look at my clocks, you can see a similar theme for all of them. I love doing stuff like this. All my clocks usually somehow related to one another in pretty obvious ways but its fun to do.


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